My Top 10 Books: Desserts & Sweets

by Rawad J. Bou Malhab

My Inspirational Top 10 Books on Desserts & Sweets

 A good friend of mine always mentioned that
he have never met a cookie he did not like!
Those Top 10 books explain why!
I have taken a picture (above) of the best ten books I own
that inspired me all this while.

Sticky, crumbly, chewy, baked or frozen,
desserts are highly satisfying & gratifying.

Two of my favorite desserts of all time are Sticky  Toffee Pudding
and a well rounded Baked Apple Pie.
If you are in Beirut, Lebanon head to Balima, Saifi Village for a good sampling of the latter!

For some more wholesome & flavorsome desserts like
Cake Balls & Pomegranate Tartes to name a few, check out Gustav  in Hamra.

What is your favorite & from where? Let me know ! Below is the box!