The Crux of the Matter

“If I am foolish enough to think that I can see all there is to be seen in front of my eyes, I simply miss the glory.” Unknown Author.

Back in 1999, the above phrase caught my attention while sitting for the English Literature college admission examination that I, successfully, have failed. Somehow, I find it relevant to everything and everyone around me.

Speaking simply and from the heart, I am an idealist, a converted vegetarian, an animal nut, a novice German language aficionado, swimmer, hiker & rower.

It’s all in the nickname: my friends call me “Bou” as to the first part of my family name Bou Malhab. “Le Fou” part came afterwards when I was applying for the Indian visa in Dubai and a young female from Tajikistan kept on jumping the queue and to my fury I reported her to one of the local newspapers. I have proudly & victoriously kept the newspaper clipping for few years now (6). I promise I will post it soon.

I have been given so many pet-names. Here are few: Rawadoura, Martha Stewart, Rawado San, Barbara Hair, Lawad, Bouda, Monsieur Bougainvillier, Blue Ice 5 (seriously!) and many others to my embarrassment I wont be mentioning.

In addition, I am interested in fashion, advertising, novels, photography, home accents & cooking. I will be showing my exciting curiosity through relevant blog posts and detailed analysis in fields related to social networking, marketing essentials, trends & the latest.

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Rawad J. Bou Malhab

N.B. Please share your given nicknames/pet-names in the comment box below, I would love to hear about it.