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My Inspirational Top 10 Books on Desserts & Sweets

 A good friend of mine always mentioned that he have never met a cookie he did not like! Those Top 10 books explain why! I have taken a picture (above) of the best ten books I own that inspired me all this while. Sticky, crumbly, chewy, baked or frozen, desserts are highly satisfying & gratifying. […]

Draw Attention

I have come across these innovative ROLF Spectacles while I was on the look for a new pair of specs. A small, family-run business situated in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, Austria.

ROLF Spectacles produces hand-made, light weight wood eyeglass frames.

The company ROLF presented their wooden eyeglass frame for the first time at the Silmo 2009 in Paris- and with resounding success. They developed an eyeglass frame made entirely of wood (model "IMPERATOR") and received the SILMO D'OR Award in the category "FRAME TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION".

Check out their webpage for the entire collection:

Effective Communication: A Valuable Beginning

I have always wanted to initiate writing a blog for a while now and I could not find a relevant topic to start with until last night’s dinner with a group of friends inspired this valuable beginning.

According to Merriam-Webster, communication is a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior”.

Hence, effective communication is how well you send & receive those verbal, written or recorded messages and what you make or make not out of it. Good communication is not only essential in our personal lives but also it is invaluable in our professional life as it does offer tangible benefits like:

  • quicker problem solving,
  • increased productivity,
  • steadier work flow,
  • strong personal & business relationships &
  • improved response from everyone around you.

I have always come across communication in the form of sending only or receiving only and this is where unwanted problems arise.

Whether with friends, family or colleagues, ordering food, at the bank or in the office, always allow for a dynamic, two-way process of effective communication. It is common to voice our requests or thoughts, yet it is sheer courtesy to pause for an effective respond.

I have attached this link to light things up: Very Effective Words of Communication!