F in Exams

Not to be on the dramatic side of having failed an exam, everyone has been there.

You prepared well for your exam, reviewed twice(the maximum I have reached) your study book – cover to cover, had your mum’s zaatar sandwich(dry thyme, sumac, toasted sesame seeds & olive oil) to “help you” stay vigilant while studying and to stimulate your brain during the exam, prayed the entire rosary for the first time in years and had your mum build a shrine in ur room, with candles & bakhour(incense) burning in the background. No, this is not a voodoo session but I enjoyed the outcome of it all: breakfast, snacks, lunch, fruits, dinner, desserts & tea. All delivered briskly and lovingly to wherever I was studying: bedroom, living room, roof, kitchen, balcony, neighbors, garden & often the mountains.

Please note that studying for exams would bring everything to a halt at home. There was this bold unwritten rule while we had exams: no works should be done, no loud TV/Radio, dare anyone honk, never ring the door bell, only knock the door, parents go hush hush & we were able to use the home phone for as long as we wanted under the excuse of “it was a classmate on the other side of the line”.

Armed with a holy yellow candle your aunt lit for Saint Rita & Mar Charbel the entire day on your honor, you sit for your exam ready to take on the unexpected, freeze when you receive the papers and then go blank! Classic fail!

Here is a book F in Exams by Richard Benson. It is a combination of extremely amusing & laughable wrong exam answers given by students and apparently an all American bestseller! No doubt! :-D

Here are my favorite snaps of my favorite pages.

F In Exams by Richard Benson.
Answers that cracked me up!
How close to math is this?
Can’t get funnier!

Have you ever failed an exam? what exam was it? and what was the most stupid answer you gave or thing you did during an exam?

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