It Doesn’t Always Take a Book to Understand the Title

Inspired by the Social Media Week – Beirut.(Yes already)

While the world has already moved towards facts, figures, studies, results & analytics; in Lebanon, marketers, panels & social media experts are still delving deep on personal thoughts, ideas and on “Our Father, Who Art in heaven”.

ROI, SMM, SEO, Crowd Sourcing, Converging, Readiness, and dearly so many other words that dominated nearly every other presentation but lacked every other number to back up what’s been said, made it clear that we are not on top of it.

At the Business Social Media Readiness 90:10ME presentation, the audience have had an extensive array of detailed  & credible insights, trends, facts and figures. However none was relevant. Why? It measured the U.S.A. market. The purpose of social media lies in its definition and is related to the society in which its members are communicating. A fact that keeps the Lebanese market, businesses and their readiness lacking behind the technology and its attributes and enjoying only international market’s left over successes. Yet another profitable opportunity in the drain.

On the other hand, Nokia Team managed to live up to what was promised in the title. Mainly based on insights, the “Thinking Global, Acting Local” presentation offered a concrete evidence of their consumer power in the Lebanese & regional market. A power that reflected a confident presence that was slightly disturbed by Ralph Nader’s ill use of the 
wireless presentation remote control. A fun fact that did not deter the team from presenting us with their latest in harboring talents and providing them tools and knowledge to develop applications that suit the region’s needs, wants and demands.

As for the Beyond Web 2.0 with Berytech Entrepreneurs, the panel tried hard to answer questions about how to evolve & what works in social media. The panel consisting of Makhsoom, WonderEight and Keeward have dodged questions they had no answers about as the Lebanese market is not measured except demographically. Yet, with social media, psychographics are essential and more valuable as trends are fast moving, and capturing value from followers or fans is beyond the age bracket or sex at a certain location. It is as well about how the fans, followers & subscribers, think, behave, react and why.

This short review is not intended to fire at any of the mentioned businesses that managed to break through the Lebanese market. It is only a confirmation of what they are seeking to find out and accomplish, requires a pilot study that would have been a breakthrough if it was executed not only for the Social Media Week but also for the entire Lebanese block.

Have you attended the Social Media Week in Beirut or abroad? What are your thoughts? Please share below.

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